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made fossils-tanisa

                                                      hard fossils!

What are fossils? Fossils is something that is  used to identify geologic periods.

When an animal or a plant dies it may fall into the mud or the soft sand and make in the dirt.

The body is then covered by other layers of mud or sand!

And they are very hard people can not pick it up.


Our festival Eid

What is Eid?

Eid is a festival  celebrated by Muslims all over the world.  It is celebrated after the month of Ramadan.  In the month of Ramadan Muslims fast for 30 days. After the 30 days we get ready for Eid which is very exiting for everyone but I like it more.

Eid in my house

Early in the morning my mum gets up and prepares the food.  After my mum wakes up my dad wakes up.  My dad wakes up early to go with the other men to pray in the mosque. When my dad goes for prayers I wake up and wash my self and help my mum cook the food. Then my brother wakes up and washes him self and goes down stairs. He always watches TV.       🙂       Once the cooking is done me my brother and my mum get changed into our best new clothes. When my dad gets back we all eat a little breakfast before we meet our family and eat a huge feast.I like big feast because it always tastes nice.

When the fun happens

Then we gather round at my grandparents house. I love it there because it is so much fun!  When we go there we eat some yummy food which my mummy cooked.  After we ate the food we all played games together such as Monopoly, Twister, Snakes and Ladders and Ludo.  After we have played those games all the kids get presents from all the adults.  They are so nice.  We all spend time together and the children play all day.

Home Time

After all the fun we have to go home. We say good by and go home. Once we are home we get into our pajamas and go to sleep.

I love Eid.

Hope you like my post for my homework



Cooking Homework

3GB are enjoying the cooking homework!


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Stone Age Day Last Week

We thought we knew many things about the Stone Age, but we found out so much more from the Stone Age visitor!


Miss Branson is not too good with the Stone Age instrument yet!


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Beaker questions you could ask

Image result for stone age beakersWhat is a beaker?

What are beakers used for?

What are they made from?Image result for stone age beakers                     How did they make them?   

Why did they put patterns on them?


Why did the stone age people use them?


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My hero are my parents

my heroes are my parents because they give me money ,they give me presents without me asking, they take me places , make me delicious food , make us dressed for school , get our hair done smartly , make us look smart , help us with our handwriting to make it look better then before.


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How to turn you teacher`s hair green!

Have you ever wanted to get revenge on your teacher ?

Would like your teacher`s hair to be green?

If so read these instructions and soon you will have a teacher with green hair.

Your teacher will be embarrassed!

What you need:

a giant pot, a metal spoon, dirty pencil shavings, slippery slime from an ogre`s bathroom, a snake`s tale

plus half a litre of mud.


What you do:

Before you start put on your apron but don`t wear your best one because it will get messy!

  1. First carefully place the giant pot on the fire.
  2. Next plop in the snake`s tale.
  3. After that sprinkle in the dirty pencil shavings
  4. Then scoop in the slime
  5. Immidiently pour in the mud.
  6. Now stire the mixture for half an hour until the mixture turns green.
  7. Finally steel your teacher`s bottle but make sure you don`t get caught!
  8. Sit back and wait for the results.


A Final Note Of Warning

do not use too much mud because the mixture will explode after 1 hour of cooking wich will leave a nasty mess on the carpet!



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Diwali !!

How is diwali celebrated?
The festival is marked by lage fireworks display, to remember the celebrations which, according to the legend, took place upok
Rama’s return as locals set off their own version of your firworks.Thos celebrations the festival also light traditional eathen diyas (candles)and decorate thir houses with colourful rangoli artwork – patterns created on the floor using coloured rice or powder.During diwali, familys 👪 and friend 👭 share sweet’s or gifts 😊😊😊😊 and there is also a strong belief in giving food and goods to thos in need.It is also traditional for homes to be clear and new cloth to be worn at the time at the festival.


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Recipe for a teacher shrinking potion

Have you ever wanted to get revenge on your teacher? Have you ever wanted to get your own back? If so do not despair help is at hand. They can be taught a lesson. Read these instructions and soon you will have a teacher you can control

what you need:

A large couldren,a wooden spoon,wings from a vampire bat,slipery slime from an ogers bathroom,4 hairy legs of a spider plus half a litre of stagnent pond water.

What to do:

Before you start put on your apron.

1.First place the couldron on the fire.

2.Next scoop in the slime.

3.After that add the wings of the vampire bat to the mixture.

4.Then add the spider legs to the mixture

5. Pour in the pond water.

6.Stir the mixture for one hour until the mixture turns brown.

While you are waiting silently steal the teachers mug but make sure you don’t get caught. Finally sit back and wait for the results.

A final note of warning

Don’t put in to much slime or the mixture will explode after 45 minutes of cooking which will leave a nasty messon the carpet.


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