Jessica and the Witch (Chapter 2) again


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Chapter 2: Who are you?!

Jesse was very anxious about her wonderful family! :O She did not know where to go, school or find out what was going on. Jesse had to be brave, so she quietly went to the front door of her cottage. Emily was scared, so she ran to school in a flash. She got her keys out of her pocket and slowly opened the door. When she looked inside… everything was okay? “Are you okay, darling? Her mom asked.

Jesse took a breath in relief! “I thought you were taken away because there is blood on the floor. ” Jesse said. Suddenly her mom standed up on her feet. “Blood!” She said surprisingly. “That’s not blood, its jam I think i’m a little to, greedy… “Oh mom!” She said.


This time, Jesse was not late for school, but when she was at school the teacher asked why she was not here. Jesse could not explain, so it was the first time she had Detention. ūüôĀ When she got home, she her mom and her kitten tried making blueberry pie together. But there where no blueberries! ūüėģ Her mom told her to get more blueberries from the forest.

Later, in the forest Jesse was done picking the berries, but one of them was an enchanted one. Jesse had not realized that! Jesse could see the way back home. Suddenly an old women was in the way of her.¬† “What is that? ” She said rudely. “Nothing!” Jesse said. Then the old women ducked her fingers into her. Jesse ran as fast as she could , but then she was lost…


Dove poem by parmeet and poppies


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A Dove is a beautiful star when it  spreads its wings

The sky guides the dove as it glides though the graceful blue sky

Finally the Dove rests before the next journey ahead with joy


Poppies gurd the thortful soilers

Poppies are scarlet red

Poppies poppies  lay down and up on grass

Poppies help me remembering about solilers

Do you like doves or poppies this is what you can choose yes or no or non  and all of them_



World War One Week


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We have had a lot of fun learning about how the soldiers lived in the trenches of World War One.

We found that they encountered all sorts of horrible problems, aside from the enemies across no-man’s land.

On Monday, we role played what being in a trench would be like.

Check out the pictures.




seasons by parmeet


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Do you like rain?

Do you like the sun? Well  i have a song for you

Seasons are everywhere around  on the  land  here and there here and there and everywhere snow, ice and more

Do you like my song? well which one will you choose

yes or no


Jessica and the Witch (Chapter 2)


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Chapter 2:Who are you?


Jesse was very anxious about her family! Jesse wondered “Why is there blood at my door”? She asked to herself. After school, Jesse rushed to her home as fast as lightning, but when she was there everything seemed okay…”Hello darling” said a voice. It was an old women. Her face was like the bark of a tree and she had sharp nails just like the shape of a triangle! “Who are you”. Jesse said in a croaky voice.

“I am your… grandmother…exactly”! The old women


Jesse and the Witch (chapter 1)


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Chapter 1: A NASTY surprize

One Day, it was a cold, freezing day in a village called Ranting Hills. In a small, dirty cottage lived a kind, gentle girl called Jessica for short people call her Jesse. Jesse had a fury, white kitten called Snowy and Jesse called her Snowy because she likes playing in the snow at winter! She had her Mom called Sophie and her Dad was named Charlie , but sadly he died before Jesse was born! ūüôĀ


One day , Jesse was walking to school as she past some men who where looking at her. She was really creeped out about them and had been thinking about it all day! As she was in school Jesse told her best friend Emily what had happend and how she felt. She told her that she felt like she was being spied on , so she asked Emily for a sleepover. After school, she packed all of her belongings into her cute backpack. On her backpack was a picture of her kitten on the front! She knocked on Emily’s door and came inside for a cup of tea. They both had a great time then fell asleep.


The next day, Emily and Jesse woke up super late! They both jumped out of bed and got changed into there school clothes, brushed there teeth,had breakfast and done there homework. They were in High School , so they had homework everyday. HOW TIRING!!! Then they rushed to school as quick as a super car! As they were running Jesse found blood on the floor leading to cottage…



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Here are some pictures of the place value counters that we used to help us add in columns.

We did some great work using the expanded method and bar models.

Can you answer this question?

462+ 30

What about 482 + 70

Try 482 + 78

What do you think? Explain how you worked it out?


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Love and Hate by parmeet


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Love is life

love is love

love is stronger then hate

love is no worry

HATE is not love

hate is hate

hate is not stronger  than love

hate is worry



Our First Assembly!!!


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I am so¬†EXCITED¬†because in Year 3 we are doing are first assembly to the parents! At first I was not sure about it , but when I was practising I loved it. My line is “On Monday, they made prodictions about a book called Ill take you to Mrs Cole and they went for assembly for the first time.”

The Teachers  searched a song which was not about Merrydale, but they made the song like it.How cool is that! I am a little worried but I know  I will be fine. The Teachers gave us all lines to learn and I had lernt  mine.


Sumaiya 3TB


rosei as a star


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rose is red                                                                                                                                                                                                   rose  is bloom                                                                                                                                                                                              rose is  around in may                                                                                                                                                                             rose  can grow up and  up                                                                                                                                                                       rose is in other


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