My Parents Are Superhero’s


Posted by Aadam | Posted in Uncategorised | Posted on 12-01-2018

My parents are superhero’s because they don’t argue and care about my learning. My Dad works in Royal 👑 Mail so he sorts out mail and he works for 12 hours and 2 hours to come back from the motorway. My Mum helps me learn my Qur’an for mosque 🕌 and doesn’t make me late. She feeds me, taught me to talk and walk and say my very first word. My Dad cares about me and always rings to check if I’m ok 🙂 and how my day was.  Although some days I don’t see my parents I still love 💕 them anyways. My Brorther helps me to stay joyful 😀 all week. My Dad works on his feet for 12 Hours just for me . My Mum doesn’t take a rest she helps me for 6 hours. My parents are like Batman and Wonder Woman.


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