Nipper Mcfee in trouble with Growler Grimes


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Nipper Mcfee was in trouble. He had overslept again and now he was late for school. But more trouble was waiting behind Mr Mewler’s corner shop. Those beastly basement rats were up to their usual tricks to get Nipper! And when Nipper got caught – as he did most days – trouble ran away, laughing. Then, as usual trouble followed Nipper to school, firing water pistols. At the school gate the teacher , Mr Growler Grimes , was waiting.”No weapons allowed in school,” he growled.”Especially cat-apults!”

“Oh, bother!” Nipper complained.”What’s a cat without a cat-apult?” he asked.

“Like a banger without a bang,” said Will.

“No fun at all,” agreed Lil . But even without his catapult, Nipper managed to get into more trouble. And when he did, it was right under the nose of Mr Growler Grimes. Today those rotten rats had smuggled in a whoopee cushion. When Nipper sat down, it made a very rude noise.”It wasn’t me ,sir,” Nipper insisted. But the teacher saw the evidence and it had Nipper’s name all over it. It was the third time Nipper had been in trouble that week. He was feeling a little nervous. Mr Growler Grimes never used a cane or a slipper. The teacher had much worse punishments up his sleeve. For the rest of the morning he made Nipper sit with the baby class – wearing an apron. The rats nearly fell over  laughing. Mr Growler Grimes made Nipper spend all afternoon with the sewing group. The rats felt as if they had died and gone  to rat heaven. Will and Lil thought Nipper would die , too – of shame. But Nipper didn’t look a bit bothered , because he had a plan. All afternoon he worked hard on his plan. The sewing teacher was very pleased with Nipper . She was so pleased she let Nipper leave school five minutes early. It gave Nipper extra time … to prepare his revenge. When the rats came home much later, Nipper and his friends were already waiting for them – up the tree. The rats didn’t see  them waiting. They were too busy bragging about the great trick they’d played on Nipper.”Oh boy, did we fix that feline,” one squealed.

” He never saw it coming,” squealed another. And neither did the rats. Before they knew what was happening they where well and truly netted. Nipper and his friends slid down the tree in triumph. They left the rats tied up, with a sign that said : RUBBISH. PLEASE TAKE AWAY.

Nipper had learned something new: that even a sewing lesson could be useful. He hoped those rotten rats had learned a lesson, too. If not, tomorrow they could write 100 times: I must not mess with Nipper!

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