Year 4 secret blogger

In the year 4 corridoors there are posters about year 4 secret blogger. The teachers will choose a secret week and who ever blogs in that week they get a donut. I got one and it will be going on for another 3 weeks. If you blog once or more every week you will get a donut. That is why I have made this post.



25 times table

1×25=25   2×25=50   3×25=75    4×25=100     5×25=125   6×25=150   7×25=175   8×25=200   9×25=225    10×25=250   11×25=275          12×25=300     13×25=325     14×25=350  15×25=375   16×25=400     17×25=425   18×25=450      19×25=475     20×25=500    21×25=525   22×25=550   23×25=575   24×25=600   25×25=625


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A Maths Game With Roman Numerals (Homework)

This is called Times Table Contest Roman Numerals Edition

You can play with 2 players or with yourself

First, you need to answer 15 Times table questions of Roman Numeral Times Tables and if yourself write random questions and if you are playing 2 players you have to do Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who writes the time’s table questions.

When you finished your questions reveal the questions to your partner and they have to write the answers

Here are some of the questions:

XI times  VIII =

XII times VII =

IX times VII =

VI times XII =

V times V =

XI times XII =

IX times VI =

IV times XII =

VII times V =

III times XII =

XII times XII =

V times I =

IX times XII =

X times VIII =

XI times V =



If they get it all right you have to pick a prize that your opponent wants

You can also answer the questions above

If you get them all right before everyone else you get a like on all of your blog posts by me.



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How to do subtraction

First,  you  will   put  the  big   number.

Next,  you  will put  your  small number  under  the  big  number like  this.

You  will just   take   away      8 – 5 = 3   ,  7-4= 3   ,  9-6=3   ,   1-1=0        the answer is  (333)




I hope that you  eventually  understood how to do subtraction




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Who invented electricity?

He was  born    on   the  11th   of  February   1947.The  first  who  invented  electricity   is  Thomas   Addison.  He  is   from  America ,   he  invented      the    electric  lamp  an   developed.  He    invented    a    system      based    on    electricity  ,   as   well  as  he  invented  sound  recording  system.   And  developing     the    photographic appartus.  He  particapated   to  development  the  electrical     system,  and  it’s  distribution  to  households.  He     dead  18  of    October  1931  in  his  house   in  west  orange  city.


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