The burglars breakfast.

                                                Chapter 1


Kyle Briggs was a lawyer and  he was a good man. Tonight, he’d been robbed by his one brother Alfie Briggs and Alfie stole Kyles lawn mower and his bird… …a talking bird. It almost woke up the whole street. Stop thief! Button it bird brain said Alfie. After a hard night ,Alfie liked to go home to  a tasty breakfast. Breakfast was the main meal of the day. He always ate at least three courses. He tried to make sure he never ran out of the five breakfast foods he liked best. Looking around his kitchen, it was easy to see what they were.

Chapter 2

No breakfast…

Alife’s stomach gave a hungry growl. It was time for breakfast. Mmm what sall I have first? Cornflakes I think. He hunted high… … and low. But he couldn’t find the cornflakes. That’s funny I thought I had a box left. Just then,he noticed a trail of the door… … and up the street. It could only mean one thing. I’ve been burgled! Someone had stolen Alife’s cornflakes. He decided to track down the thief and get back his breakfast.

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It started that someone did assassinate a person called Franz Ferdinand by a person called Gavilo. so they started a war against Russia


It started at 28 July 1914 and then ended at 1918 so if your wondering  how much they were fighting, if you do then they fought for 4 years alot right?


There were loads of disgusting stuff like trench foot, trench foot can be so deadly that its black its can also make you have to chop  your toe of and that hurts!


Rats were also deadly they can eat your food and also make you get poisoned!They also made people sick and also weak in war without hunger luckily there is always some dogs who save you.



Chapter 2

Chapter 2

If you want to read the second chapter of the Ghost story then here is it

The ghost came at the back and then Tarlee had a knife and then Jack turned around and then do the run because he saw Tarlee with a knife and then Jack ran to his mum(Sophia) and said there is such no thing about ghost and then she went into the living room and there was nothing then Sophia went into the kitchen to to go cook and saw…


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Internet Safety

Internet can have loads of wonderful online games but online means there is strangers playing with you! Basic rules:

  • If anyone writes or says in chat what is your email address always ignore them.
  • If they ask you where you live say no also dont tell them your number or how old are you!

The last thing about Internet safety is always check what your playing it might be good or bad , innopropriate or approprpiate so always tell an adult are you aloud this game

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Homework/Cressida Cowell

Cressida Cowell is an English author and also writes lots of books like How to Train your Dragon, How to Be a Pirate and many more!


She is married to Simon Cowell and she has three children which are: Alexander who is 7, Maisie who is the oldest at 12 and finally Clemmie  who is 10! She was born in April 15th 1966 in London. She also studied at Oxford University at St Martin’s and also Brighton University (illustration) also right now she is 51 quite old?





Cressida Cowell

Cressida Cowell is an author and was born on 15th April 1966 in London where she still lives. She has three children Maisie,Clemmie and Alexander. In class we are reading one of her books called “How to be a Pirate” and we recently did a poster of the Isle of the Skullions.Image result for facts about cressida cowell


The Ghost Story

Chapter 1 of the Ghost story

This is not actually true I just made it up so if you are scared then do not read this story.

Tarlee (the ghost in the story) was under the sofa and he was waiting for Jack to sit on it. Then, eventually, Jack sat on it then the ghost said, “Here I go,”then  Jack turned on the TV but he did not know if Tarlee was under the sofa. Then Tarlee  came out at the back and…


Logan Paul

Logan Paul is a person which has a group called Logangsters! They also make diss tracks about his brother who is called Jake Paul who is the leader of the Team 10. They sometimes do pranks on each other like one was a cash dropping, so when Logan Paul dropped cash and someone picked it up he would get the string and pull it up so they couldn’t get the money! Logan Paul also has a puppy called Kong however, Jake Paul has a dog called Apollo.