Valentine’s Poem (homework)

This poem is for my family

Thank you, thank you for supporting me in every   single thing I have ever got stuck on  and for keeping me happy every single day.

You are the greatest family ever!!!!

You’ve supported me in everything and showed me     what is right and what was wrong.

You have taught me good  manners and  I don’t know how to thank you all –  so thank you!!!!!!!!



First I got out of bed and skipped brushing teeth so I can get my presents and open them the present  a few are  a  water bottle flip game . then I got a harry potter mug that is the marauders map. I got quality streets from my brother and I got him 10o Jaffa cakes for 20$.Finally  I got a xbox one s and  its white also maverick merch is were its at logon paul\shop then I had a Christmas dinner at my cousins house, he also got maverick merch. LOGANG FOR LIFE.  Image result for maverick merch gold


What I did in the holidays!!!(Homework)

In the summer holidays i went to Skegness with my family.It was a nice experience since i have never been there.When we got there the first thing we did is go to our apartment and look around so we can get used to it. The beds were super warm and snug. We had a tv and it had Netflix so my dad signed in for us.
 The first place we went was to the beach and i loved the sea so I spended most of my time in it at the beach I also went on Donkeys I went on it 2 times my first one was called Pedro the second was Peppermint.My brother didn’t go on any because he was scared but that doesn’t matter because he had fun.We went to the beach about five times although we went for five days we didn’t go on the forth day so on one day we went twice.


















































































































































































































































































































































Electric Shocks in 5AV

In my class [ which is 5AV] Mrs Vincent has been giving us electric shocks and she has also given the teachers some as well. Mrs Vincent is sometimes scared to touch the board or metal objects because it will give her an electric shock so us children have to help her because I am sure she wouldn’t want one!!


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jake paul

Jake Paul is a  youtuber he maks videos evry day he even maked a song called is evry day bro he baout a new hous he also has a creaw mabey it is a creaw i am not sure he has a wife calld jerik he also hav a brother called logan paul they dont like each other so then they started to make diss tracs on each other.jake paul also  have a lambo he has more than1.2k subscribes he is my 2 favrout youtuber he has his merch he has a lot of songs he also ge to meet with marcus and lucas they are youtubers as well  all so jake paul dos cracy vlogs evry  daybecaus it is evry day bro.HOPE YOU LIKED  THIS ABOUT JAK PAUL .


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How to use the gears on your bike (homework)

Avoid crossing your chain

One thing you don’t want to do is “cross your chain” – this means riding in a big front gear (the chain ring furthest from you).

Crossing the chain causes it to be in a diagonal line, and this might make a nasty noise, and will damage it over time through stretching.



When you do change gear, try to pedal softly as you change, especially if you are on a rough surface, as applying pressure mid change can also result in you losing your chain.

Thank you for listening and I hope you have learnt how to ride you bike and where and when to change  the gears.


chapter 9

He came in and saw Jack in his bed then Jack vomited onto the floor  and Jack  sat on his bed and looked at the door and saw a man in a black karate suit and he ran and Jack started to scream and his mum came in and said what happened and he said there was someone in my room and she went downstairs to look for him and she got a cricket bat and hit it on the man and he took the black suit off and it was Jack’s dad and she said I am so sorry and then he went off and found  new lady !



Christmas holidays !

I had a wonderful time with my family during break. I got to see my auntie and my uncle. I got to see and spend time with my cousins Sivu, Sailesh and Anisha. I also went for long walks with my dad, mum and my sisters Eleonora and Lyra.

Christmas day as my favourite part of the break as I got up in the morning and saw all the Christmas presents under the Christmas tree. It was the best day as I got what I wished for.Then, I spend it the day with my family , my uncle , my auntie and their children Adriana and Alex.

I love holidays as we can all be together and do things as a family. We always do things such as walks, visit the beach or even simple thing such as watching Disney movies or playing board games but must important we are all together and I love being with my family.