The burglars breakfast.

                                                Chapter 1


Kyle Briggs was a lawyer and  he was a good man. Tonight, he’d been robbed by his one brother Alfie Briggs and Alfie stole Kyles lawn mower and his bird… …a talking bird. It almost woke up the whole street. Stop thief! Button it bird brain said Alfie. After a hard night ,Alfie liked to go home to  a tasty breakfast. Breakfast was the main meal of the day. He always ate at least three courses. He tried to make sure he never ran out of the five breakfast foods he liked best. Looking around his kitchen, it was easy to see what they were.

Chapter 2

No breakfast…

Alife’s stomach gave a hungry growl. It was time for breakfast. Mmm what sall I have first? Cornflakes I think. He hunted high… … and low. But he couldn’t find the cornflakes. That’s funny I thought I had a box left. Just then,he noticed a trail of the door… … and up the street. It could only mean one thing. I’ve been burgled! Someone had stolen Alife’s cornflakes. He decided to track down the thief and get back his breakfast.

Hope you enjoyed chapter 1 and 2 3 and 4 will arive next week on Thursday 16 of November.

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