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Crystal palace chapter 2

Lilly realized she was not home 🏡 she was lost. Then a girl 👧 approached her the girl had a tiara with crystals and she was wearing a beautiful white dress 👗 with pink pearls. Lilly said “do you know where we are?” The girl said “we are outside my palace” and she 👉 pointed at at a palace made out of crystals. It was hard for lilly to see because of the bright 🔆 sun ☀.



Crystal palace chapter one

Once upon a time there was a girl 👧 his her name was Lilly. She loves to look at butterflys 🦋 in the summer. One ordinary day Lilly was reading a book and she took five books 📚 from the shelf and she found a pale yellow button. She really wanted to press it she trys not to press the button but she was desperate and pressed it. She found a locket it had a beautiful crystal.


Maths test

Hi, my name is Jikesh and I want to tell you about the test we did. It was a end of year 5 test because the teacher needed to know what we can do in maths and how much we know. In the first one there we has 30 minutes to do it and in the second one we had 40 minutes. some were easy and some we didn’t even know. After, the teacher gave us the test and said some of the mistakes were people forgot to do subtract if it was subtract and addition if it was subtraction. Also the other mistake was after they done the decimal answer they forgot to put a decimal point and the last one is people done the working out and got the answer but forgot to write it in the box.

                           stay learning


Word of the Week

Here is the 5th W.O.W

Word of the Week: emaciated

Definiton: abnormally thin or weak


Antonym: fat

The dragon rose and spread its emaciated wings.


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My summer holiday😎😎😎😂

My summer holiday was boring because I Just stayed at home doing nothing. All I did was sit there and watch television on  my sister’s laptop. You know sometimes when you are in school you say I want to have a summer holiday and I want to have a summer holiday you like or when you come back to school. . I had a  lot of fun when it  was Eid and my cousin came to my house it was fun. And we had fun really fun. That’s open my summer holiday please give 5 likes.By Zahra in 5HH.


Warld war one poem

Today in class we have been writting a poem about WW1.We watched a clip and there were soldiers fighting and lots of bombs and huge tanks.We had a sheet of paper and wrote down similies personifications and the sounds we heard in the clip like BOOM!.Then we had another sheet of paper to write down the poem.We could write a poem that rymes or does not ryme.It was our rough copy.Then there was a year 5 assembly about fires now I know that a room could burn in 3 minuites.Then at last it was break time.After that we wrote our poem.I started my poem with boom bang crash.I wrote a personification the guns were filled with rage and fury.

Thank you for reading.


World War 1 art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 TheImage result for world war 1se copyright FREE World War 1 photos were taken when the great war took place. The first one is a picture of some of the many soldiers that fought and fell in the war. The second picture is of an aeroplane dropping bombs over the place/country they are at war with.


CINDERELLA – chapter 1


I guess you think you know this story. You don’t. The real one’s much more gory . The phoney one,the one you know,was cooked up years and years ago , and made to sound all soft and sappy just to keep the children happy . Mind you,they got the first bit right, the  bit where,in the dead of night,the ugly sisters,jewels and all , departed for the palace Ball,while darling little Cinderella was locked up in the slimy cellar,where rats who wanted things to eat, began to nibble at her feet . She bellowed , “Help”and “Let me out!” The magic fairy heard her shout . Appearing in a blaze of light,she said my dear,” My dear are you all right?”




Table Tennis

On Friday we went to a table tennis tournament and we didn’t win but we still did good. We had a fun time. We were separated into boy and girls there were four girls and four boys the boys from Merrydale came fourth and the girls came firth. There were really good players there and one of the school was Medway they were really good because they were really focused on the ball and they hit it fast. I couldn’t hit there surfs because they were really low and fast.


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Correct these mistakes.

the little girl was picking berries in the forest So she can make a berry pie. She stayed at the edge of the forest The girl picked the berries on the bush at the edge but she thought that she wants more . So she took few step forward soon She was lost…

write the correct paragraph in a scrap paper and give it to me .