Mayans homework

The Mayas or Mayan people made their homes in a place called Mesoamerica. The Mayan culture was around the 1000 bce until 1697 ce, the Maya people believed that they could comunicate with their gods through human sacrifice. Maya shared their culture and religion but each city had their own rules and its own ruler. The cities never came together to form a single empire as the Mayan kings were always fighting with each other for gifts and prisionores to sacrifice to the gods. The Mayas thought that hunting and fishing where very important activities and they were also excellent beekeepers and raised stingless bees to make honey.



Cressida Cowell

Cressida Cowell was a children author who was born in London on 15 April 1966. she is married to a man called Simon ( not that one ) and has 3 children. Her best friend at school was Lauran child who is also a children author, she writes the Charlie and Lola books. Cressida’s first book was when she was a kid was called little Bopeeps library book. Her first well known book is how to train your dragon. This book has been translated into 21 languages and has been made into a film. My sisters took me to see it and it was really good. we read how to be a pirate at school and I liked that as well.Image result for how to be a pirate book cover Image result for how to train a dragon book cover


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Do you know where Jamie , Joey , Louise and Lola had gone ?

The 5 knocks were back again another note appeared …  saying ” I’ve took you life’s worth try and guess what they are ” from UNKNOWN !!!


Believe it or not there was a red substance on the letter… Was it blood , ketchup or was it red food colouring to scare the parents . It was UNKNOWN !

Just then the parents realised that the 4 children were no where to be seen they went outside to find a note saying help me mum and dad  we’re going to an abandoned warehouse .

Was this a trap to get the parents to go there ?

The parents called the police because they still hadn’t showed up .

After an hour and a half the police finally showed up . The parents gave the police the letter for evidence . They went with the police to go to the warehouse . There was a noise saying ” I’m coming for you next …  ” The police called for backup the backup came . 10 of the police men went to check it all out to find any more evidence or finger prints  whilst 3 police officers stayed with the parents .  The 3 police officers and the parents went back home to find finger prints …

There was finger prints on the door and tyre wheels . So the police officers followed the tyre wheel prints . They found a CLEO car smashed up .

The real question is …

Why is the car smashed up ?

It was a mystery .

It was UNKNOWN !!!


I hoped you liked chapter 1 and 2 I hope you enjoy chapter  3 of UNKNOWN .