I stayed with my big sisters and eldest cousin DemiImage result for cartoon big girls We watched lots of films and went to bed late Image result for cartoon tv My Nan and Gag went away for a few days somewhere sunnyImage result for cartoon old people We went to see friends and we went into to town

Image result for leicester clock towerand we had a Maccy D,s Image result for mcdonald's My favourite day was when we went flip out it was really good funImage result for flip out


Field full of poppies

Poppies flow on a field full of crosses

soldiers die on an unhappy day even in their short ages

away, away let the dreams fly away

fields all full of poppies and crosses.


England will breath in heaven when the poppies flow

short days ago we lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow

between the crosses row and row the poppies flow.


We are lovers who wasn’t the killers, that mark our place

and in the sky the larks, still bravely singing

we will always remember them and love them.



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In the war soldiers die

Poppies between the crosses ,row on row

Dreams they had to go back home

Hardly hearing anything amongst the guns below


They spend they lives for us

The people falling

Animals spend their lives too

The soldiers brawling


Happy they are now

They sit no more at familiar tables of home

They will have a peaceful life

They sleep beyond England’s foam

By                                                                                                                                         Krishna . H


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The death of the soldier

The courageous soldiers fight in the battle

Booming bombs exploding all around them

Shooting  their guns

bang bang bang bang bang!

Throwing mud into the air soldier running at the ememy

Tripping over injured and dead friends

Bravely racing towards whizzing bullets

The sounds of dead filling their ears

Screaming shouting cries for help.

Image result for dead soldiers ww1

The sad soldiers were dead

The courageous soliders fight in the battle.

Booming bombs exploding all around them.

Throwing mud onto the air soldiers running at the enemy bang bang  bang bang!

Tripping over injured and dead friend.

Bravely racing towards whizzing bullets.

The sound of death filling their ears.

Screaming shouting cries for help.

                                                                THE END!


A Field of poppies

The poppies blow when the wind blow guns fire bombs blow.

Row by row the poppies blow, us who die still fight, we are the dead.

No one survived billion died, sleep on the mud it wasn’t nice, we are the dead.

We don’t lie it was a fight, in Flanders Fields we died.

England is our home we won’t forget, to the end to the end we remember them.