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YR 5 so far

In YR 5 so far we have been swimming every Tuesday. We have been learning so much about the Vikings.1 fact about the Vikings is that they never had horns on their helmets that was made up. Did you know that fact?


Word of the Day

Word of the day is something we do every day. One of the words that we have done is flail. Flail means when you wave your hands in the air like a mad person. For example if you are stuck on a desert island and you flail for someone to come and rescue you. Why don’t you have a go at word of the day?


what I do at swimming

What I do at swimming

In swimming at school I got into group 3 the best group you can get into. We have to go into the deep end I think the deep end is more fun. We have to go to the edge of the pool and jump in like a pencil so with our hands in the air when we jump in are feet touch the floor. We have to swim side to side deep end to shallow end and sometimes we just swim around the deep end.


math challenge

can you solve this question!

red flowers=

yellow flowers=

blue flowers=

Image result for math challenge                                                                                                                                                  if you want more of these question  then write in the comment section!