Do you know where Jamie , Joey , Louise and Lola had gone ?

The 5 knocks were back again another note appeared …  saying ” I’ve took you life’s worth try and guess what they are ” from UNKNOWN !!!


Believe it or not there was a red substance on the letter… Was it blood , ketchup or was it red food colouring to scare the parents . It was UNKNOWN !

Just then the parents realised that the 4 children were no where to be seen they went outside to find a note saying help me mum and dad  we’re going to an abandoned warehouse .

Was this a trap to get the parents to go there ?

The parents called the police because they still hadn’t showed up .

After an hour and a half the police finally showed up . The parents gave the police the letter for evidence . They went with the police to go to the warehouse . There was a noise saying ” I’m coming for you next …  ” The police called for backup the backup came . 10 of the police men went to check it all out to find any more evidence or finger prints  whilst 3 police officers stayed with the parents .  The 3 police officers and the parents went back home to find finger prints …

There was finger prints on the door and tyre wheels . So the police officers followed the tyre wheel prints . They found a CLEO car smashed up .

The real question is …

Why is the car smashed up ?

It was a mystery .

It was UNKNOWN !!!


I hoped you liked chapter 1 and 2 I hope you enjoy chapter  3 of UNKNOWN .

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