My homework of a dairy entery

Dear Dairy,                                                                   Monday 11 September 2017

I had the most amazing day! I went to the space center.        

Image result for national space centreWe went there because my brother is going to be a scientist went when he grows up.So he could have a good experience so when he is a scientist he will know what to do and what things are. He might even go to the moon. First we went to see the rocket tower. After that we went to the planetarium.It was  so big that it was the size of my dad. Sadly, we had to leave but we might come back . Well wasn’t that an exciting day! I hope you enjoyed my blog post sadly I must go now but I will be back for more .

By Janu   😉

One thought on “My homework of a dairy entery”

  1. Great post, Janu. I like the way you decided to make it a diary entry. Was it homework? What would you like to be when your older? A suggestion for you is that you could’ve made your post a bit more detailed. What other things did you do? What did you like? What didn’t you like? Over all, a great (but small) post!


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