Every year on the 5th of November there is a big event at Abbey Park to celebrate Bonfire Night also known as Guy Fawkes Night. Traditionally, we have a dummy on top to represent a man called Guy Fawkes. A plot called the gunpowder plot happened to form to kill James the 1st and his government by blowing up the House of Parliament.

This was because of the fact that the plotters were Catholic so they wanted England to change back to Catholic from Protestant.They thought this would happen if they killed James the 1st and his ministers.

In order for this to work, they placed 36 barrels of gunpowder in the cellars of Parliament. One of the members of the group wrote a letter to a friend, who worked in Parliament, warning him to stay away from Parliament on the 5th of November. Unfortunately, the supporters of King James the 1st got hold of the letter so guards went down to the cellars to catch the criminals. They got arrested and executed.

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  1. A very informative and well written account of what Bonfire Night is and why some people celebrate it, Divpreet.

    Do you celebrate any festivals that involve fireworks?

    If you use information from websites when you research for your blog posts it is really good practice to include links to them – you could write a sentence at the end such as: To help me write this information I looked at and used this/these website/s… you then copy and paste the URL. Look at Saaimah’s post about Christmas to see how she does this.


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  2. Wow Divpreet. You were able to explain allot about bonfire night, without making it tricky to understand. You captured the very essence of the story. Now I have a more clearer idea about what it is. I suggest that next time if you get information from anywhere you should put the links to where you got it from into your blog post, but other than that outstanding!


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  3. Well Done divpreet. I really liked your post. It was interesting and fun to read at the same time. Can you answer these true and false questions?
    Guy Fawkes was born a Catholic
    Guy Fawkes was the leader of the gang
    Luckily, he was caught just in time
    Guy betrayed his friends.
    Please answer these True or False questions. If you really want to know them, here are the answers:
    False! False! False! Oh… and False!


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