Marie Curie.

I am going to tell you about Marie Curie.

A warsaw childhood.

Freta street was at the heart of the old city of warsaw, in Poland. Number 16 was a fine building, with an iron balcony at the front. It housed a small private sc hool for girls, which was very well thought of. Everyone admired its young headmistress, a former pupil of the school called Bronislawa Sklodowska.

Super clever.

When it came to school, Marie was really clever, so her teacher decided to put Marie with the older children. In fact she had been put in the same class as her sister! Please note that it was ages ago so, you won’t be able to move up by your cleverness. Did you know that everyone agreed that Marie was a brilliant student, and on 12 June 1883, aged 15, she graduated from secondary.Image result for marie curie

What I love about Marie is how she will not give up. She had been through so much, and still did not give up of what she was doing. I hope you like my blog post.

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  1. Great post. Where did you get the information from? By the way your image for some reason is not showing up. Why do you think Marie Curie is an inspiration to people? Well done and keep blogging!


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  2. Hello Amrit. Well done. I think that Marie Curie is pretty inspirational. I find she is very, very, very clever – even cleverer than me! Can you find out what she did for a living? Happy reserching!


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