The killer panda chapter 2


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Days have turned into weeks and weeks have turned into months…the panda has gone missing! Everyone is really worried becuase they all think he’s up to something. Even his family has gone missing! That means they are all making a evil plan!!!

Why can’t everyone just go home and have some delicious coffee? That will cheer us all up! I have the best idea! I’m gonna call the police! They should deal with this problem!!!

”Hello police Have you heard about the killer panda?” I said.

”Huh what  Killer panda there is no such thing as Killer panda’s and I’m gonna end it your WASTING my precious time!!!!!!!,” He yelled.

Help us find the panda! Hopefully the panda should be found in the next chapter!


Gaming (About me)


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Gaming is my number #1 hobby out of all. I game a lot to be honest but I learn more. In 3 of my game I am on the top 100 ‘s in Europe and there is around a million people that play the game. My parents buy me In app purchases but only if I respect them, work hard, do chores and get 3 marks on homework all 2 weeks then only I would get app purchases. I watch a lot of gamers and well….I am basically a gamer. I have many devices I can play with such as PS4,2 pc’s, 1 ipad (each sibling   has one) and I am getting a Nintendo switch plus on Eid. Some people think I never get bored really and I do.

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Top 10 things that I like about Mrs Marriott


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1.She is so beautiful.

2.She helps us a lot.

3.She is kind.

4.Mrs Marriott support us a lot.

5.she is sweet like grapes.

6.Mrs Marriott helps us anytime we ask her.

7.If we didn’t know the 8 time table she take us out and help us learn it.

8.she doesn’t  shout at us.

9.You are cute like a panda.

10.Mrs Marriott your the best we love you.


I hope Miss Marriott comes back I miss you so much.


My Book Review of ‘The Falcon’s Malteser’


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The Falcon’s Malteser is a fiction book written by the award-winning author, Anthony Horowitz. It is the first book in the Diamond Brothers series and was first published in 1986.

The book is about a 30 year-old man, Tim Diamond, a private detective, and his wise-cracking 13 year-old brother, Nick Diamond. Tim Diamond’s real name is Herbert Timothy Simple. He is probably the only detective in the world who is scared of goldfish. He was once part of the police, for just a while. When he was sent for weapons training, he ended up shooting the instructor. His younger brother, Nick Diamond, also known by his real name, Nicholas Simple is the one who solves all of Tim’s mysteries, including the case of The Falcon’s Malteser.

When a man, named Johnny Naples entrusts Tim with a package, he’s making a big mistake. Throughout the story, the brothers find out the true value of the package: three and a half million pounds in diamonds! They are met by some of the biggest criminals in the world, half killed, shot, thrown out of windows, kidnapped, kidnapped again, and in return for all of their suffering and hard work (I’m talking about Nick in particular) they earn nothing, But for the Diamond Brothers, it’s all in a day’s work.


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My New Years resolutions (my homework)


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Today I will tell you my New Years resolutions which is also my homework.

  1. To read more Shakespeare stories.
  2. To draw more in my drawing pad.
  3. To do more impressive homework.
  4. To write more often in my diary.
  5. To do more house chores.
  6. To spend less time listening to music in my room.
  7. To blog more often.
  8. To read at least an hour each day.
  9. To learn more about my religion:Hinduism
  10. To write more stories.
  11. To eat more healthy.
  12. To wake up more early.
  13. To try and get changed quickly.
  14. To start going more to the library.

4 facts about Mrs Cheng by Kelsey


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1) She is very kind

2) Mrs Cheng’s favourite animal is a panda

3)  She loves teaching

4)  she is sweet like a panda


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Lamborghini poem


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A Poem by Ayman

Whose lamborghini is that? I think I know.
Its owner is quite angry though.
He was cross like a dark potato.
I watch him pace. I cry hello.

He gives his lamborghini a shake,
And screams I’ve made a bad mistake.
The only other sound’s the break,
Of distant waves and birds awake.

The lamborghini is alluring, swift and deep,
But he has promises to keep,
Tormented with nightmares he never sleeps.




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1. Idyllic summer
A fast Lamborghini drives
betrayed by the sun

2.Idyllic summer
before hairy lazy man
beyond the spiders

3. Idyllic summer
A new, thin dinosaur swims
in spite of the frog

4. Forbidding paris
A little, giant car jumps
a television

5. On the Hawaii
A faithful, tiny dog sings
at the perfect cat


Seven Pebbles


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One, an egg -but heavier.

One crossed with veins of quartz.

One that might walk on water.

One to dip and raise to the light.

One that is heart-shaped.

One, with  another one lodged inside.

Perfect pocket weights.


How The Gills of a Fish Work


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Hello ladies and gentlemen and today I’m going to be teaching you how the gills of a fish work.                                          

So, here goes.                                                                                                                                                                                            It’s about time!

First up we have the water being sucked into the body, through the mouth.                                                                            Don’t they go in from the gills?

Indeed not, many say that fish breathe in and out using their gills but this is incorrect. Anyway the next that happens; the water is carried through the fish’s body. When it reaches a certain part, somewhere near the gills, the oxygen is drawed out from the water and into the lungs of the fish.                                                                               Really? I thought they breathed in water.

Many think this, but in fact this doesn’t happen. Now, the carbon-dioxide(the gas that we breathe out) is put into the water, that is currently inside the fish’s body.                                                                                                                                    Hmm… That’s interesting. Where do the gills come in?


So now you know how the gills of a fish work!