First aid training

November 2nd, 2017

This afternoon was very interesting as we learnt what to do in case of an emergency situation such as choking, bleeding or with a burn. This is what we learnt.

Choking – Choking happens when someone’s airway suddenly gets blocked, either fully or partly, so they can’t breathe.

To help an adult or child over one year old:

  •  Lean the person forward so that the object blocking their airway will come out of their mouth, rather than moving further down.
  • Give up to five sharp blows between the person’s shoulder blades with the heel of your hand. (The heel is between the palm of your hand and your wrist).
  • Check if the blockage has cleared.
  • If it does not clear, phone 999

To help a baby under one year old:

  • Lay the baby on your thigh face up.
  •  Carefully pick out any obvious objects with your fingertips
  • Lay the baby face down on you thigh and support their head. Give up to five back blows between their shoulder blades with the heel of your hand.
  • Check if the blockage has cleared.
  • If it does not clear, phone 999

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Bleeding – When bleeding is severe, it can be dramatic and distressing. If someone’s bleeding isn’t controlled quickly, they may lose a lot of blood, become unresponsive or develop shock.

To treat severe bleeding.

  • Press on the wound: apply direct pressure to the wound
  • Firmly secure dressing with a bandage
  • Treat for shock
  • Support the injured part
  • Phone 999

If there’s an object in there, don’t pull it out, because it may be acting as a plug to reduce the bleeding. Instead, leave it in and apply pressure either side of it with a pad (such as a clean cloth or an item of clothing) until a sterile dressing is available.

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Burns and scalds – Burns and scalds are damage to the skin caused by heat. A burn is usually caused by dry heat, like fire, a hot iron, or the sun. A scald is caused by wet heat, like steam or a hot cup of tea.

You need to be extra careful when treating burns. The longer the burning goes on, the more severe the injury will be, and the longer it may take to heal. So you need to cool the burn as soon as possible.

To treat burns and scalds:

  • Cool the area of the burn using cool or running water for at least 10 minutes.
  • Do not use  creams which can cause further damage.
  • Cover the area of the burn with a layer of cling film or use a clean, clear plastic bag for hand burns.
  • If blisters form – do not pop as this can introduce an infection.
  • If someone has a severe burn or scald they are likely to suffer from shock, because of the fluid loss, so they will need urgent hospital treatment.

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Challenge 1

November 2nd, 2017

So I’ve decided  that each week I will make a new challenge and you have to complete the challenge. Every week I will do it and comment to say if the child has got it correct each week and you can count how many you’ve got correct for each week. If you get 10 correct answers each week, then you’re a genius.It’s not that easy!

How many zeros in  million, billion and trillion?

Please, don’t search the internet to find the answer. It will ruin it for you and if you ruin it, there is no point in writing it.

So please do not ignore just have a go .



October 26th, 2017

You should, must and have to blog at least once  a week, it’s educational and you can discover lots of new things.You might want to even write your daily routine or about your week and it is so much fun to blog but to blog you have to have time to do it. I love blogging so much because I love typing it.Image result for keyboard typingso you must blog as well at least once a week. I’ll tell you it is so much fun blogging.


An update on my pets By Kyah

October 26th, 2017

This is serious…


Okay..I need to tell you something important. My dog has something wrong with his feet. He walks fine, but I first noticed that he had been what looked like him trying to bite off his thumb claw, so we took him to the vets to get his claws clipped but didn’t ask him who was cutting the claws to check it as we thought he would know anyway. Nothing about that claw! So about a week after that he started chewing it again and a few days later, three of his feet were bright pink. However, the night before I spotted a blister. So now we must sort something out! Anyway please leave a like! Bye!🐕🐶



Random Things

October 26th, 2017

And now introducing some random things I think about at random times

So, I was at home,obviously, doing natural stuff like playing ROBLOX and  all of a sudden I had an idea to do some of my online home work not like actual home work but to do my Education City  and do some blogging, so here I am doing a blog. These random things can be based on a lot of things like how I took my sister’s chocolate or how I’m stressing about a cooking  competition I really don’t know or maybe how I spilled milk on myself this morning and had to wash my favourite pajamas even though I took them out the night before. Well looks like I just talked about it oh well. But any ways I need to go before my mum leaves with out me. Bye I’ll write again soon—- Aisha


Blog diaries By Kiyah

October 26th, 2017

Recently, I got a new pet bird called Charlie.
I don’t really have anything else to say so basically it got out of its cage! Here’s a list of emotions I felt at the time :
The end and I hope you enjoyed! Bye!


An update on my pets By Kiyah

October 26th, 2017

!!!!!Charlie the bird!!!!!

Hi Merrydale! Recently, I got a bird and here’s a video of him!

I really have nothing else to say so…enjoy! Bye!


Blog diaries By Kiyah

October 26th, 2017

Visiting Melton Road! The Golden Mile!

On the Friday we left for the holidays, I went to Melton Road to see the lights. I brought some beautiful faux silver faux diamond earrings and a faux golden set of earrings and a necklace. Here’s a list of things I also brought:

A set of four divas

A pumpkin jumper for my dog

A jumbo chocolate coin that tasted horrible

And a bottle of fizzy

Hope you enjoyed! Bye!


An update on my pets/ Blog diaries By Kiyah

October 26th, 2017

Taking my dog to the vets! !Twice!

Hi guys! Sorry I haven’t blogged yet but I forgot so let’s blog!

So, on the Monday that our holiday started, I had to take my dog to the vets to get his nails trimmed. He hates it when we do it at home and he bites us all the time, so we took him to pets at home! He had to put a muzzle on so he didn’t bite them. He was so scared that he wet himself and the other one. When he came out they had hardly done anything to his claws. My mum just wasted £11.99.  The second time we took him vets was because he needed a microchip. Simple. Done. Explained in 13 words!

Okay! Hope you enjoyed bye!



October 26th, 2017


History and Origins of Halloween

One of the world’s oldest holidays, Halloween didn’t start out as a holiday for costumes, trick-or-treating or carving pumpkins.  The Halloween celebrated today has elements of several different religious and cultural traditions.  The name Halloween is an abbreviation of “All Hallows Eve,” a traditional name for the Catholic holiday of All Saints’ Day.

Halloween wouldn’t be what it is today if not for the Celtic holiday of Samhain, an ancient celebration of the spirits of the dead.  A Roman festival called Feralia is another Halloween inspiration.  Although Feralia occurred in February, it was a public festival where citizens made offerings and sacrifices to calm the spirits of the dead so they wouldn’t haunt the living.

The original Celtic holiday of Samhain occurred on November 1, not October 31.  Samhain was one of the most important holidays for Celtic people, and its festivals were conducted by their priests, the Druids.  On Samhain, the Celtic people believed that the spirits of those who had died over the course of the year would mingle with the living before travelling on to the afterlife.  In addition to the spirits of departed souls, other supernatural creatures like fairies and demons came out “to play” during Samhain.  Festivals and celebrations were meant to aid the good souls on their way, and keep bad spirits from doing harm to the living.

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