Hello everyone! I’m 6GW’s school councillor this year. This is my first blog post for school council, and I hope you all like it. As you already know, this blog post is all about Children in need! Children in need is a charity for disabled children and young people in the UK. In Merrydale we like to raise money for charities, so we are going to help raise money for Children in need! So now you know that we’re participating, let’s find out how we’re going to raise money. I’m going to list the activities, and write about them in detail. I hope this helps, let’s start!

  • Non-uniform
  • Art competition
  • Spare change
  • Baking competition
  • Money goal
  • Penalty shoot out
  • Pin the nose on Pudsey
  • Guess the sweets in a jar
  • Bric-a-brack
  1. Non-uniform- It’s a £1 donation, please dress fancy dress/Pudsey themed if you can. There will be a prize for the best dressed, and that will be judged by Ayub and Bakosi so dress as Pudsey-like as possible. They will arrive in your classroom during Guided Reading in the morning. Your behaviour must be the same as usual, even though you will be dressed differently.
  2. Art competition-It’s 50p to enter, and there will be a prize for the best entry. Be as creative as you like.It doesn’t have to be on paper, you can make a model or a 3d entry, remember to be creative. Please make it Pudsey themed, or have something to do with Pudsey, you can even do Blush! make sure you send your entries to Anmol in class 4ad by Friday.
  3. Spare change- Please bring in all your spare change, remember the class with the most spare change will get a prize of extra play. Please give them to your teachers to collect until Friday, and then send it to 6CLM. Remember the more change, the better!
  4. Baking competition-Please bring in cakes/treats/biscuits with a Pudsey theme on Friday in the top hall. NOTE:Please do not bring baking creations before Friday, and make sure to write your name and class so we can return your plates, tins and trays. Samir and Heidi will judge and there will be a prize for the best entry. These will be on sale at break time.
  5. Money goal-If we can raise £450 as a school, the whole school will get an extra play! Please be generous, we want to help and get extra playtime.
  6. Penalty shoot out- It will be held at lunch time and will be run by Augustya and Mars. You will go against Mr Durham and Mr Lemon. It will be 20p per shot.
  7. Pin the nose on Pudsey-It will be 20p to enter, and it will be held in the top hall and I will be in charge! The closest person get’s a prize, remember you won’t be able to see.
  8. Guess the sweets in the jar-It will be 20p per guess, and the person with the closest prediction will win the jar of sweets.
  9. Bric-a-brac- Please bring in any unwanted toys, games, books and clothes for us to sell on Friday. Please remember that they still have to be in good condition. When you are picking things just consider about thinking that if they were selling this toy would you or someone else want to consider buying it. The sale will be in the hall, during break. Please bring the things to 6CLM.

That’s all I have to say, I hope this was useful. If you have any questions ask your classes councillor and they should be able to answer them. I will write again soon.



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