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Aaron wrote: Ayaan
Ayaan, Ayaan, Roars like a lion. He can be called Flyan because he can fly. He would also like a pie, So if you give him one He will let you fly. (More)
                  What Is A Protractor A protractor is a measuring instrument, typically made of transparent plastic or glass, for measuring angles. Most protractors measure angles in degrees. Radian-scale protractors measure angles (More)
Aaron wrote: Prime minister
As you know, I have been chosen to be the class MP. However I'm not Prime Minister of the school yet. To be the Prime Minister, you have to write down all the promises that you will make. So now I am going to tell you all the promises that I will mak (More)
Aaron wrote: space
Space is huge. If you wanted to explore all of space, it would take forever. Gravity Gravity is what helps things stay on the ground. If there was no gravity, everything would floating and we would be sticking to the roof. Do you think there is a p (More)
On Friday, we went on a school trip to Dovedale. We had lots of fun there so if you haven't been there already, you should go. Now, I am going to tell you about what we did there. I hope you enjoy it.   I got to school at 8:45 and I wa (More)
Education City is an online learning tool, it allows me and other students to review and learn subjects that we have covered in class. In order to access Education City, everyone is given there own unique log on, this allows teachers to set homework (More)
Aaron wrote: Tamana
Tamana likes bananas, Tamana likes bananas, Tamana is amazing  and she doesn't start gazing, She has lots of friends and maybe even hens So it's all about the bends (More)
Aaron wrote: Cars
There are cars at the bars gazing at the stars, The doors fought in wars a bit like star wars. The lights are afraid of heights and sometimes even bite! The rear can't steer and are always drinking beer, The roof of the car has water (More)
We wish you a hairy kiss, miss We wish you a hairy kiss, miss We wish you a hairy kiss, miss And a bottle of beer.   Good tie strings we bring, For you and your bin, We wish you a hairy kiss, miss And a bottle of beer. (More)
Aaron wrote: Riddles
What can you catch but not throw? What has a neck but no head? What has a face, two hands but no arms or legs? What can you hold but not touch? What has to be broken before you can eat it? What is it that, after you take away the (More)