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Where did people live in ancient Egypt? How did the Egyptians sleep? What did they trade in ancient Egypt? What kind of jobs were there in ancient Egypt? (More)
Yug wrote: Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptians were alive before 100+ years ago in Ancient. They did not speak but wrote in photos and their were called Hieroglyphics. Pharaohs was like a king to them and ruled ancient.There are a Pharaoh called Tutankhamun, he died when he was (More)
Alfie wrote: Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt  is a desert when it was along time ago. Ancient Egypt's king is called a pharaoh and also queens are called pharaohs. In Ancient Egypt the Egyptian people had to wash there clothes and drink from a river called the river Nile. Egypt (More)
Jayden wrote: Egypt pyramid
ayde   The Ancient Egypt tower is realy massive bigger than the whole school! The biggest pyramid is Tutankhamen's pyramid he told all 100,000 builders to make a really massive pyramid for him and a tomb.     &nbs (More)
Ridwaan wrote: Ancient Egyptian Quiz
See if you could work these question out 4ml. How tall is the Pharaoh? Who were the slaves of Ancient Egypt? What is Egypt known for?   (More)
I wake up and something happened. I was a pharaoh which was a little bit awkward and I had pharaohs clothes on me. So I went downstairs to see what was going on so when I went to my mum and dad and my little brother they were normal  and they were h (More)
Ridwaan wrote: Rameses II
Rameses the Great, was the third pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt. (More)