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Saaimah wrote: My favourite place!
My favourite place in my local area is definitely my house. Not just because I can sit in my bed and watch Netflix, but I can live and spend time with the people I love. A few reasons my house is amazing are: There is always enough chocolate :) (More)
Skye wrote: Art.
 Famous Art. (More)
Cienna wrote: Stone age art
Stone  age  artists used  their  fingers,  as  well  as  twigs, moss, and horsehair  brushes  to  dab  paint  on  the  cave    walls. They  also  blew  paint  through  bone  tubes  or  reed    pipes  onto  cave   wall (More)
Amrit wrote: Art.
Art is a drawing,  painting or other things. Art can be something different from a pencil or a paint brush. It is all around you! From rocks to graffiti, any thing can be art. There is a famous graffiti artist, who is a unknown person. His fake name (More)
Dhruv wrote: Wire
On Monday 6 February 2017 we were making wire thing out of wire and we made lot of interest things out of wires it was fun and hard  to  bend them and it is the part of our art days we also made names out of wires.     &nbs (More)