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Arti wrote: Enterprise Week
This week in year 6 we had an enterprise week, where we had, 5 pounds to buy items we need. We were selling orange squash and crisp. We even had a game where you had 5 cups and in one of them had a counter in side and you needed to find the counter a (More)
Arti wrote: Subway Surfers
Right know my most favourite game is subway surfers. How you play it is, there is a person running and what you need to is try to collect coins with out getting run over by a train or getting hit by an obstacle  if you get hit you instantly lose (More)
why do people go to bed ?                                                                                                                 (More)
Arti wrote: Dino fact file
There were more than 700 different kinds of dinosaurs. A two legged meat eater would leave a foot print like a bird, but a four legged plant eater would leave a foot print like an elephant. Dinosaurs shared the plant with lots of insects. N (More)
Arti wrote: My homework
For my homework I have created a clay fossil. Here it is: (More)
The enormous  crocodile  was one of the best books I ever read ! I really like Roald Dahl 's books but  the enormous  crocodile  must be my favourite.  I enjoyed reading this book I would right this book  4 and a half  stars.  I think yo (More)
For my homework last week I maid a menu. Hope you like it... Starters Fish _ fish fingers -fish cake  £2.00  :  saled -cheese -chicken £2.50  : bold eggs  - all veg -spice  £1.50 Mains Jacket potato cheese and beans  - prawns - (More)
Hani wrote: Mathematics
In ICT we have been making games using Sketch Nation. We made our game based on maths. Here is our game and we hope you enjoy it! By Hani and Arti Mathematics (More)