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Lina wrote: Good Choices
Hello there! This post is on the good choices I am going to make. At first I was stuck as I didn't exactly know what that meant. But now I do. It means all the choices or things I want to do and stick to this year. This animoto explains which good ch (More)
Hi everyone! Today I'm blogging about my new years resolutions, and I want to say happy new year! I hope you had a great year with your family and friends. In this blog I will tell you my resolutions and how I will try my very hardest to achieve them (More)
Hello guys! Today I'm back and writing about what an effective participator is. Yep, thats right. Put your thinking caps on and Be an effective participator! To start, you are going to see my animoto. https://animoto.com/play/c3s8Mrr6qhSl (More)
Year 6 was the best year I've had. If I were to choose a memorable time in year 6 it would be every day. It was really hard for me to choose so here are the 5 things I've enjoyed in year 6:  The Christmas Fayre; The Christmas party; (More)
Arti wrote: Enterprise Week
This week in year 6 we had an enterprise week, where we had, 5 pounds to buy items we need. We were selling orange squash and crisp. We even had a game where you had 5 cups and in one of them had a counter in side and you needed to find the counter a (More)
Dina wrote: Slime Factory
This week was enterprise week and we had £5 to spend. Our group (Hani, Alisha Z and me Dina) qwanted to make slime but that didn't work! But (luckily) we had bought A3 white paper and made origami. On Thursday, our group started to sell the origami (More)
Kinjal wrote: Sweet Guessers advert
This week has been Virgin money's enterprise week for year 6. We got 5 pounds to spend and needed to get as much profit as we could! We bought  2 packs of donut, 2 packs of fruit pastels, a large jar and two lollipops. The first day we made 40p (More)
Alisha A wrote: The Future Me
Hi my name is Alisha and I have come in to your lovely school to tell you my life story. So it all started when I went to school I was a young student here at Merrydale with my lovely helpful teachers and I passed my SATS then I moved on to secondary (More)
Rio wrote: Rio De Mahdirim
This week, was enterprise week and the challenge was to make £5 grow. We did this in groups and my group was called Rio De Mahdirim the people in my group were Mahdi, Rimaz and me every group had to make an advert and this is ours: https://animot (More)
This week is enterprise week, and year 6 had to make £5 grow. The people that were working at the same stall with me were: Rio, me and Rimaz. Our revenue is £20.77 and the profit was £15.02. We made an advert for our stall. I hope you like it. (More)