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Lina wrote: Chocolatey stuff!
;) Hallo there chocolate fan! Iv'e got some really delicious food for you to try out!!!🍫   Yum! These are there recipes that I'm going to tell you about!: Dark and rich chocolate cake Simple chocolate cookies Mmmmmmmmmm... &n (More)
                       The human life cycle   A life cycle is basically the cycle of life. From when you are born to when you die. The human life cycle has 5 or 6 stages depending on how you look at it.   Be ready f (More)
Taylor wrote: My Christmas!!!
Hey guys T here with an update of my Christmas!!! My parents spent most time looking for a ps4 on me than enyone in da house. I had a ps4(1TB/1tera bite). I had a lot more I can't  name!! I will be back sosoon. Andddddd see ya!!! (More)
[caption id="" align="alignright" width="167"] here is a bugatti veyron it is one of my favriot cars its top speed is 180 which is very very fast tell me any of these cars on comments and get to vote more cars!!!this will be every week on Saturday[/c (More)
Lina wrote: Homework
Hi everyone! Today I chose to do my homework on scratch. I shall show you my homework now: Here is my scratch link. Enjoy                                    Lina  :) THANK YOU :) (More)
♦ Team work makes the dream work!⇐:) https://youtu.be/DvVEeoKrm48 This is Team Work! Just look at those Minions, they nearly managed. (Its because of that clumsy minion that laughed at them!) So if you think about it, you do teamwork mos (More)
Lina wrote: Homework
This time I will be writing                   about the day in the life of a pirate   ENJOY!!!                                                                                                 (More)
Lina wrote: The joke queen
HI!(:  I'm the joke queen & I want you to comment on what you think the answer to think the answer is !(: What does the queen do when she burps ???                                             (More)
Here is my place value game on scratch. Me and my brother worked on a project and we think it works quite well have fun! Here's my game. Press 'This' Enjoy EMOJI SAYS THANK YOU ! (More)