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Mrs Davis wrote: English
In English, we have begun to look at a book called 'I'll Take you to Mrs Cole!' Today we were visualising what Mrs Cole looked like based on the title of the book. Here are some of our images of Mrs Cole.   (More)
Keanne wrote: spiders
Spiders capture flies on their web. Spiders have eight legs. Also, they have 4 eyes but they can't see from them. They come red, yellow or even any type of colours. Some spiders are tiny and big. Spiders drink insects blood.   (More)
Year 4 has been sooooo long but it was great! Charlie's Marvelous Medicine to Anansi the Spiderman, simple math to complicated math, electricity to habitats, Anglo-Saxons to The Peak District! I know ALL my Year 3 and 4 spellings :) and in Septemb (More)
Dripti wrote: Romeo And Juliet Song
Hi! Last Friday me and my sister found a song on Romeo and Juliet so I thought I can put share it on the blog. Here is the song: https://youtu.be/ygP1Vazgd1c (More)
Rahulji wrote: The Lost Thing
The Lost Thing So you want to hear a story ? Well,I used to know some so funny that your brain would pop out of your head; others so sad you would never forget about what happened. But I can't remember any of those, so I'll just tell you about the (More)
Cerys wrote: ENGLISH
In English we are learning about Mr Stink and Chloe and Chloe was a very nice girl because she asked Mr Stink if he wanted some soap (More)
The worst witch is tall and has thin plaits in her hair. The worst witch is a suprised witch . The worst witch is scared of the dark. Mildred is a behaved witch but goes things wrong. Mildred's best friend is Maud. Mildred has a differ (More)
English! So far this year we have read: Gorges marvellous medicine and The Iron man These are very good books (you should give them a read too )          (This is not it I'am doing some more of these!!)            (More)
Loreen wrote: Mr Wolf
Today an unexpected visitor came to our school. It was Mr Wolf! We asked him a range of questions although he was sad. He was sad because Little Red Riding Hood was being a bully. But it is not nice to bully. Then we understood how Mr Wolf fel (More)
Parth wrote: English
In English we are learning about a book called The Lost  Thing . In my opinion this book is about a boy and the lost thing . We have been learning this book for the last week and this book is very interesting ! (More)