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Lamine wrote: Football
I want to a footballer when I grow up and I want my team to win (More)
Brody wrote: football !!!!!
Yesterday me and my friend went to a football pitch on a park and we had a football game.  Then we did a cross bar challenge were who ever hits the cross bar 5 times first then you win the loser will have to do 3 laps of the whole field in 2 minutes (More)
Nathan wrote: Football
I play with my friends but I don't like playing with them when they do bad tackle's like that footballer with a broken leg. I have this football  what is similar to what they us to play know. (More)
Prijesh wrote: Homework by Prijesh
Last week, Leicester City had to sack their manager Claudio Ranieri because of Leicester's bad performance towards playing football and are constantly losing matches. However despite leading the club to success (during 2015/16 season) he has won t (More)
Mahdi wrote: My favourite book
My favourite book is Frankie's Magic Football because the author is Frank Lampard and if you noticed Lampard plays football. He used to play for Chelsea but now he plays for Man City. (More)
On Monday 30th January 2017 I played at Judgemeadow.  We won all our three games I missed one game and played in another.  I almost scored,  the ball came to my feet and I struck the ball. The goalie just saved, oh it was so close. (More)
On Monday at break we played football when we started the match my team had the ball we passed it about the ball came out off nowhere and went to my feet I passed it to Kentton ,Kentton to Jake then as JAKE STRUCK THE BALL WENT IN THE GOALLL (More)
Lionel Messi Cristiano Ronaldo Neymar Jr Zlatan Ibrahimovic Luis Suarez Gareth Bale Andres Iniesta Manuel Neuer Arjen Robben Sergio Aguero Mesut Ozil Wayne Rooney Angel Di Maria Paul Pogba Philip Lahm Eden (More)
Mahdi wrote: My Legend Team
Neymar Ronaldo                                       Suarez                                             Messi   Hazard                                            Costa     (More)