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Lina wrote: Holidays
Hey guys! It is great when it's the holidays, but at the moment I am quite bored. I have been learning year 7 stuff that my brother didn't get and all of my spellings. I have been in town today, read, slept, and moaned. There is literally NOTHING to (More)
 1.   Unicorns and Alicorns Unicorns are my favourite animal (even though they might not be real). Unicorns are horse or pony that have a magical horn on top of them also alicorns are my favourite because there unicorns with wings so they are ma (More)
Hey you guys I  just had the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE (so far).So let's get started. I was Saturday 25 November 2017 and I woke up at 10 : 30 AM. Ok ok I woke up late big deal, then I had breakfast after that,  I started practising the dance if you l (More)
Hi I'm here to show you my scratch game. It is called Janu's fashion game I know but  I had to make it obvious so you know and here is  my scratch game if you like you can play it. Oh by the way some of things don't move so i'm very sorry. clic (More)
Hi I'm Janu and I've got a maths song you you. Oh by the way this is only 1 to 10 and this are only the answer. Let's get started. It's time to learn your times table, it starts with 1, 2, 3, 4 and more. Ok! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 now you know y (More)
Hello everyone, today's blog post is a movie trailer for the amazing book there's a boy in the girls' bathroom. I hope you like the movie trailer, and here it is! https://video214.com/play/lFLASIEq30s9zyx4MGEXSQ/s/dark Just so you know, it's no (More)
My favourite singer group is BTS They are also known as Bangtan Boys These are their albums wings dark and wild wake up youth SONGS   BTS DNA https://youtu.be/WXyg8VB5KRA BTS 4 O ' CLOCK https://youtu.be/kH8-L (More)
Lina wrote: Kennings
Today, Y6 learnt about kennings. A kenning is a sort of poem, originated by the Anglo-Saxons. It was first used in Anglo-Saxon and Norse poetry. They usually start with A or An. A kenning is about something, and it describes it without saying what it (More)
Lina wrote: Going kingswood
Hey guys! Here are our photos that we took when we were at Kingswood!     These are only a few pictures we took - look on Twitter for more! What happened!: I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me  start from the begging. Okay, here go (More)