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Benjamin wrote: School
  In English we did Georges Marvellous Medicine. In Maths  we did Subtraction. In Topic we did Ancient Egyptians       in R.E we learnt about Hindus in science  we did brushing our teeth (More)
We are drawing story maps to help us write a setting description for George's kitchen tomorrow! (More)
In English year 4 are learning about George's marvellous medicine and what he does is makes a disgusting medicine and also Roald  Dahl is my favourite author  (known as the best author on the universe). (More)
Later on George started to make the medicine for his lazy Grandma. After that, he gave it to his Grandma, then she started to shake about and she said "IM EXPLODING HELP ME!!!!" George was very shocked that the medicine would be different but it went (More)