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ROMEO AND JULIET In the ancient Italian city of Verona, Lord Capulet was planning a party. He was sure no members of the Montague family would turn up, as the  Capulets  and  Montagues  had been feuding for years. The quarrel ran so deep that (More)
Hany wrote: dinosaurs
For millions of years , creatures known as dinosaurs roamed freely on earth. dinosaurs lived more than 220 million years ago. There were more than 1,000 different types of dinosaur . Not all of them were enormous. some, such as the compsognathus , w (More)
Jayden wrote: Youtubers
Youtube is very good for people to record stuff like this youtuber called DanTDM He plays pokemon go,minecraft and roblox he sees a lot of fans and more made by Hany and Jayden please make a comment if you like this and subscribe DanTDM if you l (More)
Hany wrote: Dog talk
Cow says moo duck says quack dog says scrunch my ears and ruffle my back pig says oink bird says tweet Dog says Gimme a bowl of biscuit and meat Sheep says baa horse says neigh dog says Get up lazybones lets go out and play Hen says (More)
In English we have learnt about the iron man.it is about a robot made out of iron ,which has no friends he accidentally fell of a cliff and broke his body in to lots of pieces but he couldn't find his ear. He thought the sea took it. He went to a far (More)