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Hi everyone. This blog post is all on projects I have made with my coding skills. I hope you like this blog post, and without further a do let's get started! This project is a platformer game I've made on scratch. You are basically trying to exp (More)
https://animoto.com/play/93TXlNGad3ntoEebVRX1Lg Many thanks to Wikipedia and Story of MacBeth (2013) (More)
Mrs Davis wrote: DSAT ICT Olympiad
On Monday 19th June, 4 children from across the school went to Parklands to compete against others schools that are part of DSAT in the ICT Olympiad.  We took part in 4 challenges and we could earn points for resilience, teamwork, technical skills a (More)
Pierre Omidyar is the business magnate who is famous for having revolutionized the field of e-commerce, with his online bidding website, 'eBay'. Having a passion for computer science, as a young man he began his career with a software company called (More)
Rimaz wrote: ICT Conference
Today a group of children from our school were picked for an ICT Conference which was great. There are four workshops in which a staff would show or talk about something to do with electronics. We had a great time and I learned a lot of new things li (More)
Hi my name is Alisha and I am going to be teaching you on what modulo means! Modulo is the remainder of a division .Which in the simplest form means it is a remainder of a question. Here are some examples:  14 mod 3 =  2   ( 14 divided by (More)
This game is about addition . The rules are simple; just add the numbers and put them in the box. If you get the right answer, It will ask you to go to one of the foods. (More)
Dina wrote: Extreme Maths
In ICT, we have been learning to make games (maths games) on Sketch Nation. To make this game, we had to know our times tables. Here is our game: Extreme Maths Dina and Milan (More)
Rahulji wrote: Attack 4!
For our ICT work, we have been working on Sketch Nation with our Learning partners, me, Wassim and Kinjal. This is helping us to improve our game creating and coding skills. Here is our maths game. If you want, you can write a comment on how it could (More)
Nicole wrote: Number Shot
In ICT  we have been learning how to create a game on Sketch Nation! Here it is : Number Shot. By Nicole and Zhehat. (More)