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Tyra-Leigh wrote: Kingswood
Hi. I'm Tyra ( As you Year Threes wouldn't know) As the Year 4 and 5 know that when you are in  Year 6 ,in October you get to go for a sleepover at Kingswood check out there website http://www.kingswood.co.uk/locations/staffordshire/   (More)
My most memorable day in year 6 will have to be Kingswood because it was a great time to chill and catch up with your classmates. In Kingswood we had a bunch of fun activities like: Archery Quadbiking Fencing Abseiling Zipline (More)
My most memorable time in year 6 is when we went to Kingswood, and slept there for 2 days and did loads of exciting activities. These were: .Abseiling; .Zip wiring; .Team challenge; .Big John climbing as a team; .Archery; .Quad bik (More)
Dripti wrote: Kingswood in year 6
We had a lot of fun in Kingswood and we loved the bedrooms, we get to sleep on bug-beds and I had a lots of fun. The first thing you do is you have to woke up at 7.00 am  so you can get ready until 9.00 am. After that, you have to have your breakfas (More)
Joshua wrote: A Diary Of Kingswood
Friday  07/10/16 Dear Diary, Wheeeee it's Friday were going to Kingswood, hope we don't break down. See ya later Hi were here, I was a bit sad when we mum and dad waved me off but my mates cheered me up.  Kingswood is the best, I'm sha (More)
Joshua wrote: Diary of King's Wood
Dear Diary, Hi we went on a school trip to a place called King's Wood and we went on a zip wire and Abseiling also Quad's we had so  many more activity's. Me and.my friends all slept in the same room the food was also delicious we went for 3 day (More)
Mrs Williams
Mrs Williams wrote: Kingswood 2016
We have had a fantastic time on our residential weekend at Kingswood - take a look at what we got up to: [<a href="//storify.com/Yr6Class6GW/kingswood-2016" target="_blank">View the story "Kingswood 2016" on Storify</a>] (More)
Rimaz wrote: Kingswood
HELLO i am Rimaz and today i am going to talk about kingswood which is so exciting. We are going to do a lot of new activities such as climbing and quad biking. HERE are all of the activities we are going to do this Friday: -quad biking        (More)
Dina wrote: Kingswood !!!
In five days time, year 6 are going to Kingswood and I am so excited . I can't wait to go to Kingswood because I am going to have so much fun . I will also be away from my mum, which means she will not moan at me. I think that Kingswood is going to b (More)