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Miss Marriott wrote: Our first news round-up
Lately, I have been looking on the news and there has been an  interesting thing that has caught my eye this week. The first thing is that there has been a terrorist attack in London that has injured a lot of people and has killed a lot of people (More)
On the 22nd March 2017, a terrorist attack took place near the Palace of Westminister in London. Khalid Masoon (the terrorist) killed many people, including a police, and then got shot by another police. What I think about this news (More)
Dhruv wrote: My homework
I found a news story in the big issue/P20/February 13-19 2017.The topic was join our literacy campaign fight for libraries and the future. I find it interesting because it about why we need libraries. It tells us what libraries provide to people a (More)
Rimaz wrote: Total Addictions
Welcome to Total Addictions. Todays news story is about men around the world injecting oil into their bodys. Romario Dos Santos Alves, 25, injected his arms with oil and alcohol. “If you take it once, there will definitely be a second time — it (More)
Donald Trump has banned Muslims from entering America (not only  Muslims ) because of ' terrorists' and  terrorist attacks and he thinks it's most likely to be Muslim terrorists. In my opinion I think that he is affended every single Muslim that ha (More)
Rimaz wrote: BBC Rimaz - issue 4
Ok so for our top news, I am going to talk about a taxi driver who refused to take a passenger with a guided dog and more. Charles Bloch is a blind man that has to take a guided dog with him however when he called Uber to pick him up, Ahmed Kayd r (More)
Rimaz wrote: BBC Rimaz - issue 3
So for our first news I am going to talk about a lady who was pregnant but was reversing when accidently she reversed her car off the road into the seafront leaving her trapped inside. The fire service safely managed to get her out of the car by usin (More)
Rimaz wrote: BBC Rimaz - issue 2
So todays news is all going to be about the new 5 pound note and other sad stuff. Everybody is bored of the old paper 5 pound note but now you don't have to because the bank company made a new plastic strong fiver that everybody is talking about. (More)
Rimaz wrote: News time!!!!
Hi every body i am Rimaz and i am starting some new blog posts about news around the world but we need a special name for this so i finally call my news company, BBC Rimaz and credits to Wassim. so to begin with we are going to talk about the futu (More)