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1. National Space Centre The National Space Centre - not to be confused with the National Space Station - is home to loads of excitement and is visited by lots of enthusiastic visitors! 2. Bradgate Park Aww... Look at all those cute animals, I (More)
This week, we have been studying about our local area and how Edwardian people lived. For this reason year 6 went on a walk around Uppingham Road and we discovered that there was a tram stop at Uppingham Road. In science we have been learning abput t (More)
Dear Diary, Guess what? today we made trams in school because of our topic/history work! So first of all we positioned our wood sticks and cut out triangles and stuck them on. Next we made some axel holders and attached our wheels on the axel s (More)
Rimaz wrote: we are mechanics
Starting from monday our whole class made a tram out of mechanical components. Now everybody was thinking of it being easy however this was actually hard because we had connect all the wires and make chassis and way more confusing stuff. We starte (More)
Arti wrote: Trams
On the 6/12/18 we have made trams. I will tell you how we made them. 1] we cut out some little triangles. 2] we used wooden bars and glued the triangles to it to make it strong. 3] Then we had a little bar and stuck it together. 4] Af (More)
Wassim wrote: Homework by Wassim
This  week for my homework I want to write about one of the landmarks of Leicester. There are a lot of landmarks so I don't know which one to pick. So I'm going to pick King Power Stadium. KING POWER STADIUM [caption id="" align="aligncenter (More)
Hello everyone. This week in our reading group we're discussing all about early Leicester. Our teacher told me and Wassim to write about the early railway stations and everything to do with train travels. Here is our presentation: (More)
Me and Rimaz have put together a  presentation about the history of Leicester. We hope you enjoy our cool presentation and learn something from it:   (More)
In guided reading this morning, we have been researching and creating our video about hosiery and shoe industries. Here is our video: (More)