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First, you have to serve the table tennis ball but make sure the ball first bounces on your side and then bounces on the other players side. Next, when you serve the ball and the players hits it slower or faster if the player hits it slower you can (More)
Rio wrote: P.E
P.E Why are doing basket ball in P.E . My favourite thing to do in basketball is to dribble . (More)
Hello everybody, today I am going to show you a gymnastic routine.                          Here are some pictures.   '   That is some gymnastic routine here are some animated ones.   This looks really hard (More)
Brody wrote: P.E
This term in P.E we are learning basket ball. I know a lot of skills but I would like to  learn some more. (More)
Ruwaida wrote: PE
PE is my favourite subject because your basically doing some exercise .We are currently learning about basketball  . The drills that we have been learning are pivot and rebound. (More)
Hi I'm Janu and I am here to tell and show you my gymnastic routine. What is gymnastic? Well gymnastic is sometimes about flexibility. If you are  still confused here are some photographs. My gymnastic routine: Now you may st (More)
This is my gymnastics routine. I chose this for my homework because it really stood out for me when I decide to do it as this weeks homework therefore I drew it in my book, but here are some pictures. I hope you enjoy                 (More)