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Lina wrote: Holidays
Hey guys! It is great when it's the holidays, but at the moment I am quite bored. I have been learning year 7 stuff that my brother didn't get and all of my spellings. I have been in town today, read, slept, and moaned. There is literally NOTHING to (More)
roses are red daisy,s  are yellow lotus are pink marigolds are orange irises are purple but don't forget bluebels (More)
Hany wrote: Dog talk
Cow says moo duck says quack dog says scrunch my ears and ruffle my back pig says oink bird says tweet Dog says Gimme a bowl of biscuit and meat Sheep says baa horse says neigh dog says Get up lazybones lets go out and play Hen says (More)
Krishita wrote: English 4,5,6,7
This is the which are left The hissing of the frying pan The ticking of the grill The bubbling of the bath tub As it starts to fill   The drumming of the raindrops On the window pane When you do the washing up The gurg (More)
Krishita wrote: English 3
This is the 3 part The popping of the toaster The crunching of the flakes When you spread a marmalade The scraping noise it makes (More)
Krishita wrote: English 2
This is the 2 part The whistling of the kettle The turning of the lock The purring of the kitten The ticking of the clock   (More)
Ruby wrote: Nature poem
Trees are tall,Plants are small, There is more to life than being dull , go outside and have some fun. dig up the plant inside your skull. (More)