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1.  What year was Shakespeare born in? A.1562.                       C.1564 B.1569.                       D.1563   2. What year did Shakespeare die on? A. 1618                      C. 1620 B. 1 (More)
Rahulji wrote: The Lost Thing
The Lost Thing So you want to hear a story ? Well,I used to know some so funny that your brain would pop out of your head; others so sad you would never forget about what happened. But I can't remember any of those, so I'll just tell you about the (More)
Lately, I have been looking on the news and there has been an  interesting thing that has caught my eye this week. The first thing is that there has been a terrorist attack in London that has injured a lot of people and has killed a lot of people (More)
For our homework people have been making healthy food as it is on the homework sheet.So I decided to make an healthy menu. INGREDIENTS; Onions; Comin powder; Red chilli powder; Tumenic powder; Mixed vegetables-peppers, peas, carrots (More)
Rahulji wrote: Attack 4!
For our ICT work, we have been working on Sketch Nation with our Learning partners, me, Wassim and Kinjal. This is helping us to improve our game creating and coding skills. Here is our maths game. If you want, you can write a comment on how it could (More)
Rahulji wrote: My legend draft
                                      Van basten                   Pele      Berkamp                          Ronaldinho.             Veira.                             G (More)
Rahulji wrote: My Football dream team
The formation that I use was 3-4-3 .                 Ronaldo                        Suarez                              Messi  Neymar JR                Iniesta                     Kroos     (More)
Rahulji wrote: Top 10 Goalkeepers
1) David De Gea - Manchester United 2) Manuel Neuer - Bayern Munchen 3) Petr Cech - Arsenal 4) Marc-Andre Ter Stegen - FC Barcelona 5) Keylor Navas - Real Madrid 6) Gianluigi Buffon - Juventus 7) Thibaut Courtios - Chelsea 8) Cla (More)
This week, we have been studying about our local area and how Edwardian people lived. For this reason year 6 went on a walk around Uppingham Road and we discovered that there was a tram stop at Uppingham Road. In science we have been learning abput t (More)
1) Sergio Ramos 2) Thiago Silva 3) Dani Alves 4) Marcelo Vieira 5) David Luiz 6) Hector Bellerin 7) Diego Godin 8) Gerard Pique 9) Philipp Lahm 10) Raphael Varane (More)