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Lina wrote: The Human Eye
Hi. This is Lina speaking. I have some serious information for you its  Not information to be shared with... Shhhhh! Ready? Then let's go! The eye... This information (along with being highly confidential), is very important for y (More)
HOW DOES OUR EYES WORK? THE CORNEA! The cornea is a part of the eye. The cornea is an important part of the eye because it can help you with seeing the light. THE PUPIL! The pupil is a part of the eye and it is the most important (THIS IS (More)
Mahdi wrote: Miss Parsons
Miss Parsons is my form teacher. She is new like us, starting year 7. At first, I was very nervous about the people and now I am not afraid of anyone. Mr Renshaw was our assistant teacher because Miss Parsons wasn't here today, unfortunately. Mr Re (More)
Humaira wrote: Science questions.
Today, I will write two questions about 'food and nutrition'. 1.What does nutrition mean? 2.What does 'calories' mean?     (More)
Cheetah's are the  fastest animals in  the world and can reach up to 97 miles  per hour.  This  can  sometimes  be like  playing tag  for the Cheetah's  when they are hunting their  prey.  Cheetah's are very skilled predators and will (More)
Year 4 has been sooooo long but it was great! Charlie's Marvelous Medicine to Anansi the Spiderman, simple math to complicated math, electricity to habitats, Anglo-Saxons to The Peak District! I know ALL my Year 3 and 4 spellings :) and in Septemb (More)
Keanne wrote: what Babies need
Babies need loving parents Babies need a warm cottage,home and a clothes,nappies. They need a blanket mum. They need milk which is their food. (More)
Mrs Davis wrote: Animals including Humans
Today in science, we have been learning that not all animals have an internal skeleton. We then recreated a range of skeletons by using pasta to represent the bones. Here are some pictures of us working on our skeletons:               (More)
Lewis wrote: My homework
This is Wallace Hume Carothers, he was a scientist. He was born in April 27th 1896 in America. You may ask what he did as a scientist... well he created a material called Nylon (used in some clothing, to make tyres and in parachutes) Wall (More)
Explanation of the heart OXEGAN and  nutrients  are transported to all part of our bodies  in our blood-stream. To keep our blood circulating it is constantly pumped around our body by the heart. That heart is muscular organ which contains four (More)
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