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"Samantha wait," her Gran called. "Here, take this." she handed her the key. "What would I need this for?" She was confused.  Her Gran gave her one of those looks. "Just take it, you never know." Samantha stared hard at the key and then to her Gran. (More)
Tyler wrote: A CHANGE IN TIME!
Here are some pictures of my work! (More)
It was Saturday morning, Callum is 17 years old and he went to sit in his bedroom .He was playing video games (his favourite game was London 2012 Olympics).Callum said to his parents' "when I'm older I want to be at the Olympics and represent my co (More)
In a far land lives a girl called Isla Edison well was Isla Edison now it is just Isla because she is a lost girl. Ok I will tell you the story about Isla Edison. Isla is a normal girl, who with a normal family, it was time that their parents tel (More)
Hi everyone! As you can see I'm going to give you tips on how to write a story. To make it more clear I've made a animoto for it. I hope you like it, here it is! https://animoto.com/play/3GnD79Z30fAbUAMuzqKWEQ Saaimah (More)
Hi everyone! This blog post is chapter 3 of my new story, The Adventures of Samantha Edwards.This chapter is called the return... I also have some news... I've made the official book cover! This is the non-coloured version, as the coloured one is a s (More)
Hello everyone! This blog post is Chapter 2 of my new story The Adventures of Samantha Edwards. This chapter is called The mystery person. I hope you like this chapter. If you want to see chapter 1 it is on this post. Here is Chapter 2. Chapter (More)
Hi everyone! I have finally completed Chapter 1 of my new story The Adventures Of Samantha Edwards. Chapter 1 is called The Runaway. I hope you like this chapter. If you want to see the blurb it is on this post. Here is Chapter 1 Chapter 1 It (More)
Hi I'm back with another blog post and if you didn't already see the title, today I'm going to be sharing with you the story I have been working on. The reason I'm showing you this is so you can get a preview of the story and you can help me carry it (More)
As the dinosaur was making a mess, I couldn't even look at the state of the house so I just carried on cooking. The dinosaur was tired so it went to sit down.  A few hours later, I had just finished cooking I made my Uncle's favorite dish, El Capt (More)