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♦ Team work makes the dream work!⇐:) https://youtu.be/DvVEeoKrm48 This is Team Work! Just look at those Minions, they nearly managed. (Its because of that clumsy minion that laughed at them!) So if you think about it, you do teamwork mos (More)
Asiya wrote: TEAMWORK
Teamwork makes everything easier. We should all work together because together we achieve more and when we work together we can do more things. Together everyone is one big team. (More)
mmillichamp wrote: Forest School - Session 2
https://animoto.com/play/s1j94uUSjXrmEoA01y1kFA (More)
Russell wrote: Teamwork
Important things:We are learning about Stone age And we all work together to do get more dojos How many dojos have your classes got My 2nd Question (More)
Lina wrote: Homework
This time I will be writing                   about the day in the life of a pirate   ENJOY!!!                                                                                                 (More)
mmillichamp wrote: Forest School - session one
https://animoto.com/play/pI6F1E1dKvG3iB6rH4GrdQ (More)