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1. National Space Centre The National Space Centre - not to be confused with the National Space Station - is home to loads of excitement and is visited by lots of enthusiastic visitors! 2. Bradgate Park Aww... Look at all those cute animals, I (More)
Cienna wrote: Stone age art
Stone  age  artists used  their  fingers,  as  well  as  twigs, moss, and horsehair  brushes  to  dab  paint  on  the  cave    walls. They  also  blew  paint  through  bone  tubes  or  reed    pipes  onto  cave   wall (More)
Mrs Davis wrote: Wow topic day
Today in year 3, we have rotated around the classrooms and completed some exciting learning about the Stone Age to prepare us for our topic this term. First, we recreated some stone age tools. Then, we made a Stonehenge out of Plasticine and learn (More)
Nicolas and the Stargazer Martial In Ancient Greece there lived a cruel and vicious Prince called Lamunus, who was keen to marry the beautiful mother of Nicolas, Danae. Lamunus was not at all fond of Nicolas and knew that he would never allow his (More)
Year 4 has been sooooo long but it was great! Charlie's Marvelous Medicine to Anansi the Spiderman, simple math to complicated math, electricity to habitats, Anglo-Saxons to The Peak District! I know ALL my Year 3 and 4 spellings :) and in Septemb (More)
Nicole wrote: Recipe Tzataziki
Ingredients ½ a large cucumber 2 cloves of garlic 2 tablespoons quality extra virgin olive oil 1 x 500g tub of strained Greek yogurt First you will grate and sive your cucumber Next you will cut you garlic in to small pieces Then you (More)
Rimaz wrote: Ancient Greece
Approximately 2,500 years ago Ancient Greece used to be one of the best countries in the world. The Greeks were great thinkers, warriors, writers, actors, athletes, artists, architects and politicians. The Greeks used to call themselves 'Hellenes' b (More)
Dhruv wrote: Mask
In year 6 we are making mask first we blow the balloon then we put paper mache and each day we put layers of paper mache until the paper mache was hard. Couple of week after the paper was hard and we got newspaper and scrunch it into a ball to make e (More)
Keanne wrote: poem
Spring  is when flowers grow. People eat Easter eggs which grow. Ringing bells to call out the lambs. It's the best season that we will have. No more Wintery snow, Bye Bye winter its time to go. (More)
Alisha A wrote: Ancient Greece Homework
Life in Ancient Greece : Life in Ancient Greek was terrible  because there were just sand everywhere and they didn’t have toys although they had to make them! The ancient Greek had no equipment to play with outside they just had to run around. (More)