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Hi everyone! Today's blog is all about being an effective participator, what it is and how to be one! Let's get started! What is an effective participator? An effective participator is a person who: Get's involved Persuades others Finds (More)
Lina wrote: Good Choices
Hello there! This post is on the good choices I am going to make. At first I was stuck as I didn't exactly know what that meant. But now I do. It means all the choices or things I want to do and stick to this year. This animoto explains which good ch (More)
Hi everyone , here is my animoto on a christmas  carol. Hope you enjoy watching! https://animoto.com/play/0bI75lttGNzQU1qilXx0Qw It really gets you in the festive mood. (More)
Hi guys, I made a animoto of a self manager. https://animoto.com/play/QG2M304X53U60s3iC8Trcg By Janu. (More)
Jagrut wrote: My Animoto
https://animoto.com/play/DkYqnaZNvtljyp9eB0HdUQ (More)
Saaimah wrote: The human heart!
Hi everyone! My homework this week is on the human heart. The human heart is a very important part of our body, but do we really know how it works and what it does? Well, in this blog I will help you as much as I can to learn about the human heart. I (More)
Lina wrote: The Human Heart
Hello everyone! This post is about The Human Heart. In this blog you will learn about the different parts of the heart and how they work. Lets start with a video to give you a brief idea: https://youtu.be/_eVG45_iF9U This is the human heart: (More)
Hello guys! Today I'm back and writing about what an effective participator is. Yep, thats right. Put your thinking caps on and Be an effective participator! To start, you are going to see my animoto. https://animoto.com/play/c3s8Mrr6qhSl (More)
Janu wrote: My favourite poem
 My favourite poem is called The adventures of Isabel by Ogden Nash. There is the poem below if you want to read it and I also make a animoto of it. I like this poem because it makes me laugh when I' am feeling sad also it rhymes and I like to read (More)
Hello everybody, today I have made a animoto about a self manager. Here it is I hope you enjoy. https://animoto.com/play/0yi031uiyyOpZXt01Cbp5g Zain (More)
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