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Taron wrote: My Year 4
Thinking about my Year 4 , I could say that I have enjoyed every single day . I feel a lot more confident. Thanks to my teacher Mrs Raymond, I now could talk  in front of my class. I can stay a lot more focused during my lesson. I could talk and (More)
Then the other one started to laugh. " hahahaha " he screamed " GET ME OUT OF HERE! " callum screamed " hahahahaha " the two troublesome kids screamed As callum reached out he touched the frog once again. The frog leaped out at him strai (More)
Last term, year 4 had an Egyptian drama workshop, so we decided to do a mannequin challenge while we were there... I don't think anyone told the adults! [video width="1280" height="720" mp4="https://merrydalejuniors.net/4ml2016/wp-content/uploads/s (More)