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Krishna wrote: So far in year 5
I love year 5 because we get to do swimming and I like my teacher Mrs Last .                                                      English In our draft book  we are writing a diary entry of Hic (More)
Once there lived a lonely princess who during the day is a mermaid. In her under water kingdom she was allowed to do whatever she wanted because her mum and dad were out all day but when she was a girl she had no control over her life her human paren (More)
Things I will be looking forward to Year five are that I will be able to work even more in my writing. I am looking forward to the new topics, new books Things that I am more nervous about is being in a new class and having a new teacher. I (More)
Lina wrote: Chocolatey stuff!
;) Hallo there chocolate fan! Iv'e got some really delicious food for you to try out!!!🍫   Yum! These are there recipes that I'm going to tell you about!: Dark and rich chocolate cake Simple chocolate cookies Mmmmmmmmmm... &n (More)
                       The human life cycle   A life cycle is basically the cycle of life. From when you are born to when you die. The human life cycle has 5 or 6 stages depending on how you look at it.   Be ready f (More)
Lina wrote: Homework
This week I have done a power point on a famous landmark in London, Buckingham Palace:    :) :) :) :) This is my power point. Click to reveal... [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="255"] Lina :) :([/caption]   (More)